Felt Board

I remembered a felt board that my class had in kindergarten (I'm surprised I remember that far back too). And I thought that Taft would love one.  My idea is to get the large foam board at Dollar Tree.  It is the size of a poster board.  I am going to use spray adhesive and cover it with felt.  Pretty simple.  I just can't decide on the back ground color.  I am sure that white is not a great idea.  Maybe black?
Felt is about 35 cents for a 8x10 sheet in lots of colors.  I had embroidery floss so I decided to make them a little cuter by stitching around the sides.  I am working on 1-10 and then plan on doing upper and lower case letters.
I got the template that I am using for the numbers and letters at Oh So Happy Together.  You will see that she made quilted ones that are adorable.  She gives you the templates for numbers, upper and lowercase letters.  I would love to make these when I have time also.
So here is what I have finished.

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