We're Growing an Avocado! OK - We're Trying to Grow an Avocado!

av·o·ca·do (v-käd, äv-)
1. a. A tropical American tree (Persea americana) having oval or pear-shaped fruit with leathery skin,    yellowish-green flesh, and a large seed.
b. The edible fruit of this tree. Also called alligator pear, avocado pear.
2. A dull green.

Today at work, my friend Yvette, ate an avocado for lunch with lime, hot sauce, and salsa (but that is a different story).  Anyway - I noticed that it had a very large seed inside.  I have personally never purchased an avocado and don't eat guacamole.  I kinda think it's gross. I asked her if we could grow a tree from that seed.  Her answer was, "Yes.  You just have to use three toothpicks and suspend it over water until it grows roots and then plant it."  My answer to this was "Huh.  Ok."  I then later googled "grow an avocado tree" and was shocked.  There are many sites to tell me how to do what she told me to and they have pictures!  I can do anything that has visual instructions.  Ha!
So - A plan was formed.  Taft and I will grow an avocado tree!  Or at least try our best. 

Our hope is to one day have this.....
 And then one day have this..........
But for now....we have this......
We will keep you posted on her growth.  I figure it's a girl since it bears fruit.  I think we will call her Inez.

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