Gran and Taft in Puppet Form

 When Gran left on Monday morning, she mentioned to me that she couldn't find her navy socks she planned on wearing.  We looked in her room and didn't see them.  Later when Taft and I got up to go to work and school, I moved a towel in his bathroom and there were the socks.  Taft saw them and said, "Gan's ocks", I told him yes and he just looked at me.  I told him he could hold them if he liked and that made him happy.  I let Gran know that they were found and about Taft's reaction to them.  She said that he could have them to do anything he wants with them.  So........
Add a little yarn, thread, and buttons, and you have...........
Gran and Taft.  The sock puppet version!  Taft was pretty funny about them.  I even did a little puppet show for Shane and he called his mom to give her the play by play.  Can you tell which one is which?

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