New Year's Weekend/Gran Visit

 For New Year's weekend, Gran came to visit.  She flew in on Thursday night and arrived after Taft and I went to bed.  Taft quickly found out the Gran was here and which room she was staying in.  he would knock on her door and try to break in.  We heard, "Gan, dum ear!" a lot.  He wanted to make sure that she knew everything that was going on in his life.  She showed him all his new toys and gave him a tour of his room multiple times.
We mostly stayed in and rested.  We cooked big meals each night and had leftovers for lunch.  In fact, Taft, Gran, and Shane did a lot of sleeping over the weekend.  With the exception of myself going to buy groceries on Friday and Taft and I going to a playdate on Sunday, no one even left the house.
Taft loved telling Gran about his friend, CJ, and making sure that she was with him 24/7.  Gran left on Monday, and Taft was looking for her.  He wanted to go in "Gan's room" and look for her.  He told me that it was "Gan's bed" and "Gan's anket".  And last night when it was time to go to sleep, he wanted to lay on the sofa with "Gan".  I think that it is easy to see that he enjoyed her visit and I am sure that she enjoyed time with him just as much.  We did too.
 Taft and Gran enjoying a mid-morning nap.
 Trevor even joined the sleeping crew every chance he got.
 Taft enjoyed fixing Gran's hair with his little beauty shop set. 

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