Taft's New Bed

 Yesterday started out pretty great for Taft.  He woke up, ate breakfast, had a bath, and then was on his way to see CJ.  On the way, we stopped to pick up his new bed.

Taft arrived at Let's Play and had a great time playing with CJ, Brandt, Sami, and the other party guests.  They have a huge indoor play area with climbing, slides, a zip line, baby zone, little house, and even a play kitchen.  He loved it all.  Taft and I even had a great time climbing up to the top with CJ for the slide.  They had a ball!  The party itself was great too.  Pizza and cake for the kids and parents.  Taft loved Brandt's Thomas cake.  He is still talking about how the blue icing turned his finger blue.
By the time the party was over, Taft was SO ready for a nap.  He was asleep soon after we left the parking lot.  He stayed asleep when we arrived home and I took off his shoes to put him in bed.  It was the perfect to put together his new toddler bed.  Shane slept too, of course I like to put things together alone.  When Taft woke up we showed him the bed and told him that it is just like the bed Caillou sleeps in.  He loves it!  I was afraid that he would be upset to see us move the crib out but he seemed fine with it.  He was ready to move on and be a big boy!

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