Live Nativity - Saturday, December 18th

Saturday night, we took Taft to the live nativity at Parkview Baptist Church.  They have done this every year, but last year was the first time that we attended.  The only live nativity that I had seen was just people and animals setting in front of a church.  This is so much better!  It was even better than last year.  It is a drive through experience.  They had Roman soldiers on horses to welcome you to Bethlehem and direct traffic.  You then fill out a "census" card with your info to give the guards at the gate.  The Christmas Story is on large scrolls and each scene is acted out by people and animals as you drive through.  Taft loved the horse at the beginning since it put his head in the car to say hello.
He also waved and talked to all the actors as we made our way through.  At the end, you are greeted by the pastor of the church and they give out candy canes.  Taft told the pastor "Merry Mismas!".  It was very cute.

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