Taft's Christmas Program - Wednesday, December 15th

 Taft's school decided to put on a Christmas program.  All the classes were included, starting with the babies.  Taft's class, Toddler II, were all angels and sang nursery rhymes.  It was packed and the children were shocked to see so many people in their school.  When Taft's class came out he looked so sweet in his angel wings.  By the time his music started, he had spotted Mommy and Daddy.  He started to cry because he didn't know how to get to us in the crowd.  Daddy had to go down and be with him while the class sang.  Then we went back to his room for a little while to calm him down.  All the kids in the classroom were crying and confused about why their parents were there but leaving again. 
The play itself, was very good.  The Pre-K children sang and danced and had cute little red and white costumes.  The babies rang bells to "Sleigh Ride".  Hopefully, Taft will have a better time next year.
 Some of the children in Taft's class.  The cute little boy with the striped sweater on is his best friend, CJ.
 Taft with Daddy, too upset for singing. 
Sweet Charlotte.

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