"Yay! Sanny Cause!"

 We are so behind this year!  We have not made one trip to Daytona Beach to the mall.  Of course - we only make one trip a year to the mall, and it is just to see Santa.  Over the weekend, our town had a Christmas thing at The City Market.  Most of the things were to old for him and it was cold and damp.  I told Taft that we were going to see Santa.  I wasn't sure how this would play out.  Two year olds and Santa don't always work together.  He was clapping in the car saying "Yay!  Sanny Cause!", over and over.  The line was very short, you take your own photo, and he ran up and jumped in his lap for a photo.  Santa had a train set there and he told Santa he wanted a train.  He has never mentioned a train.  Good thing I know for a fact his Gran has him one already.  ;0

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