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It's Friday, and that means that it is Show Us Your Life day at Kelly's Kornor Blog. Today's topic is Christmas Cookies/Goodies. I have not made any holiday yummies yet but I plan on making some soon. These are just a few of my all time favorites.
Sugar Cookies. Just plain sugar cookies. I like to make a simple glaze using water and confectioners sugar, brush it on with a small paint brush and use sprinkles. Super easy and very good. It also makes purchased cookie dough have more of a homemade taste and feel.

photo from dandthemom.com

I also love Magic Cookie Bars. They are also very simple to make. My mom got the recipe when I was a child. I believe it was from a box top recipe book or the can of condensed milk. I love them! I prefer them without the nuts. Eagle Brand now has a boxed kit on the market to make these making it even easier. Otherwise the recipe can be found at http://www.eaglebrand.com/.

photo from swissbeets.com
A new favorite of mine is pecan pralines. Not just any pralines, but the ones from the Savannah Candy Kitchen in Savannah, GA. The are the best on the market (in my opinion). They also come in chocolate which makes everything better. I have never tried to make them. I just buy them. You can order them at http://www.savannahcandy.com/. Totally worth it.

photo from savannahcandy.com
Fantasy fudge is also a treat that my mom makes almost every year. The recipe comes right of the jar of Kraft Marshmellow Cream. It is so easy, but it is a must that you use a non-stick boiler. We usually make it with and without nuts and I like to make a batch using the peanut butter chips insteas of chocolate. My husband loves peanut butter fudge. The recipe can also be found at http://kraftfoods.com/. And the following photo is from their website.

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