Show Us Your Life - Christmas Traditions

My sweet friend Kendra, turned me onto the Kelly's Korner blog. Every Friday, Kelly has a Show Us Your Life day. The topic varies and people post links to their own blogs on the subject. So - I decided to participate again today.
Shane and I have not had a lot of Christmas traditions with just the two of us. In fact, I believe that the only one we have is that Christmas ornaments are what we buy as travel souvenirs. I always liked that idea instead of coming home with lots of little tacky travel items that you never set out and eventually throw away.
We did have a little "problem" with our red velvet cake last year. They were out of red food coloring so we bought green. I think that a green velvet cake will be a tradition for us from now on.

Since Taft's first Christmas was last year, we tried to start some traditions with him. We read "The Night Before Christmas" before bedtime.

Reading on Christmas Eve - Taft 6 months old

We also started Taft his own Christmas tree in his room. Everyone in the family bought him ornaments to go on it and when we traveled he also got souvenir ornaments of his own. This year I am starting him a little 2 up scrapbook album of his ornaments, the year that he got them, and who/where they are from. I know that I will forget if I don't.

Taft's tree from last year.

Also - we are starting a new tradition this year. Taft has an elf named Quincy. Quincy came last year but got here very late and Taft was really too little to enjoy him. Everyday in December, Quincy will appear and bring him little gifts. Kinda like an advent calendar but way more fun. I love that there will be so many things to do with him and his elf as he gets older.

Taft and Quincy last year.

Merry Christmas everyone! I look forward to reading the other posts today! Maybe I will find some new traditions.


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