We did not travel this year for Thanksgiving, but some of Shane's family were able to come here. Gran, Scott, Izzy, and Evan, arrived on Wednesday night in time for pizza, tv, games, and sleep. Taft was so excited that he stayed up until 11:30 pm.
We woke up on Thanksgiving and had breakfast. Taft ran all through the house with Izzy and Evan having a great time. Izzy was very good about keeping up with him while we got things cooked and ready.
I decided to make deviled eggs that morning. As I was taking the yokes out and putting them in a bowl, Izzy asked, "What do you do with those?". I told her that you mash them up with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and pickle relish, and stuff them in the eggs. She said that she had asked her mommy (Aunt Teresa) and got the same answer. I guess that means that I knew what I was doing. Of course, Izzy also said that we had to put on the "red stuff' because "the red stuff rocks".
After lunch, Taft and Gran took naps in the family room, Shane took a nap in the manroom, Scott took Izzy and Evan to the park, and I picked up the house and had some Facebook time.
This morning it was time to say goodbye to the family. I got Taft up and ready to go outside and it was a little chilly. It was in the 40's this morning with a high of 63. Much cooler than it has been and much nicer I think.
Taft telling Gran bye.
The Belton cousins - Izzy, Evan, and Taft

Taft enjoying the outside fresh air.

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