Happy 4th of July!

We started out the 4th here at home just resting and getting ready for the afternoon. I wanted to stay at home at least until Taft had his lunch and a good morning nap. I also still had to make his t-shirt for the holiday. I was a little behind at this. I loved how it turned out.

Here are a few pics with Mommy and Daddy before we got in the car to leave.

After we got the Flagler Beach, we went to the grass under a Palm tree and set up camp. We put down our blanket and cooler, got Taft in his stroller and went to visit friends. Our neighbors were set up on the beach so we went down to say hello. Taft is not a good beach goer yet since I can't really put him down in the sand and it is pretty hot with the sun beaming straight down on you.
After a little visit with them, we headed to get lunch. A nice little pizza place with an ocean view with AC. That AC is very important. By the time we ate and got back out to walk, the temp had dropped a little. We headed back to our little blanket and Taft ate snacks, played and then passed out for a hour or so. Poor little thing!

Finally drinking out of a sippy cup. He only likes the ones with straws.

Playing with his cheapy, plastic hat. A great investment! It kept him busy for awhile.

Taking his nap in the shade of a palm tree. Oh the life...
Then friends started to show up for the evening fireworks.



Cheyenne had bubbles for Taft

A little girl, Michaela, that was with her family in front of us.

Taft watching the fireworks.
We weren't sure is Taft would like the fireworks or if the noise would make him cry. He seemed to like them. He just could not take his eyes off them! We were walking to car at the time of the grand finale and he was saying "OH, OH!" and smiling. Still it took us an hour to get home. A trip that is about 10 minutes on a regular day.

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