The Chocolate Factory

Today we went to the Angell and Phelps Chocolate factory for a tour. Taft invited his friend Emma and her mom, Shelly. He also invited his "girls next door" Cate, Alex, and Sarah, and their mom, Lauren. We all loaded up in the baby bus and Shelly drove for us since I still only have one contact. Hopefully it will come in soon.
The tour was nice and short and the girls got to see them mixing tons of chocolate and cherries. They were working on chocolate covered pretzels and sailboats. At the end of the tour you get samples.
And on the way out they have the store so of course you have to buy chocolate. I got some pecan turtles for myself and a little chocolate fish for Taft to try.
Taft wanted to get his ladies a gift, so he picked out chocolate palm trees on a stick for all the little girls. They seemed to like them.
We let the big girls pick where to have lunch and they wanted to go Dustin's BBQ because they liked the theme song on the commercial. It was good though and everyone got plenty to eat. Taft and Sarah both feel asleep on the way home.

Emma holding one of the palm trees that Taft bought the girls
Emma, Cate, Alex, Taft, and Sarah. He wasn't sure about them holding him.
Emma and Cate
Sarah and Alex

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  1. omg! "the girls next door" haha! th@ was funny :D


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