Alabama Trip Part 1 - McCary Family

Taft and I left Florida on Saturday on our trip to Alabama to visit friends and family. Shane wasn't able to go with us so I was a little worried about driving 500 miles with Taft alone. He was great. We stopped in Valdosta to eat lunch and he was able to stretch and little. We made two other stops just to get gas and do diaper checks. Thank goodness for the DVD player. He seemed to be happy as he could be as long as a movie was showing and he could look at the traffic out his window.
Sunday was our first full day at my parents. He was able to ride the 4 wheelers and play outside. It took him a little while to warm up to everyone since we don't get home often enough. He loves playing with Travis and Mallory and Wishbone.
Here are just a few quick pic...

Taft in the car on the trip

Travis riding the 4 wheeler

Taft with mac-n-cheese on his face


Wishbone, Mallory, Pawpaw, Taft, and Mawmaw going for a ride


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