Rubber Duckie You're the One....

For the first few weeks of Taft's life he hated to take baths and I hated to give him one. He never liked the little baby bathtub so we moved on to the tub with a little sponge bear to lay on. As soon as he could sit up he wanted to try it in the tub.
Now we start out sitting up and he splashes like crazy and loves his little rubber duckies. When I put the water on his head and get him all soaped up with shampoo, he just falls back in the water. It's like he knows that we need to get the shampoo out of his hair. Then he kicks and splashes and gets me completely soaked while I get him clean. I can no longer get ready first and then get him ready since most of the time he even gets my hair wet. As soon as he hears the drain open up he turns over. Then he pretend swims. It's pretty funny. I think that he would stay in the tub and play as long as it stayed slippery.


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