Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Taft's first Easter Egg Hunt. Shane took off work to make sure that he could go with us. I was really glad. It took two people to find eggs for a little boy that can't walk. =)
It really looked like there were more kids than eggs and as you can see they aren't really hidden. They just throw them on the grass and let the little ones run to grab as many as possible. Shane held Taft while I picked up 4 eggs and we got out of the way. We let Taft sit on the grass to see what was in his basket. I took all the candy out of the eggs since he can't have it and he seemed to like the eggs just as they were.
We got in line for the Easter Bunny and I was able to get one photo as soon as he sat down that he wasn't crying in. He just wasn't sure about a giant bunny holding him.
All in all it was fun and he can say that he went to his first Easter Egg Hunt. Everything took about 30 minutes and we were on the way to eat lunch.

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