Little Chicken Shirt

Yes, I had inspiration and did not come up with this myself. I am blessed with creative friends that seem to come up with great little crafts. I have found that there just aren't a lot of Easter shirts for little boys and Taft had to have something cute for his Easter Egg Hunt. My old friend, Alicia, did a cute hand print chick with her playgroup and I thought it would be very cute on a shirt. Taft is not into hand prints. He just wants to squish the paint around. Kendra had made an adorable shirt with Elmo for little Hallie, so I combined the two. I drew the chick with a fabric paint marker and filled it in with yellow paint on a little foam dabber. I really love how it turned out. I made it last night after Taft went to bed. He was sitting in his highchair this morning when I showed it to him and he smiled and waved his arms. I guess that he approved.


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