Anything to Make Me Happy

Over the weekend, Taft has had a really hard time with teething. So far we have tried Motrin, Tylenol, Oragel, and frozen toothy rings. The Motrin seems to work the best since he has been running a fever between 99 and 101. The only thing that we could do last night to keep him happy was to take him outside for a ride in the jogger. Shane did the taking out while I mixed meds and worked on things in the house. He was out at 8 pm and 1 am. He finally went to bed at 3 am for his daddy while mommy got some sleep. We started the day at 6:30 in a pretty good mood. I am going to try to get the teething tablets today and give those a try. We would love to know what worked for your little ones before we lose our minds, =)


  1. Sounds like that egg isn't working to good for you! Lol. Give Mr.Taft my luv. =) -<3 Jenna Alivia

  2. Poor Taft! Darrin also had an awful time teething. He'd run fevers and be so sick we were all whiny! Just hang in there with the Motrin. Have you also alternated with Tylenol? That worked best for us. Can't tell the teething tablets did anything, but we used them anyway! And an ice cube stuck down in a clean sock was always handy for him to chew on. Hope those teefers are in soon and Taft is feeling better! :o)

  3. Zoë did well with the pooh teething massager. I bought it at Walmart. It a teether that vibrates when they bit down on it. She would just bite down so hard on it and it seemed to work as well as a cool/cold washcloth to chew on. The more I gave her to chew on the happier she has been. We have cut our two bottom from teeth and working on 4 top ones. I also suggest alternating tylenol and motrin.


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