Poor Shelby!

I have never professed that Shelby was the smartest dog on the block and I think that you will be able to see why. She is a very sweet, loving dog and almost never barks. But - for some reason - she decided to eat her tail. On Thursday night she was chewing on herself like she seems to do at times. I was on the computer and she was in her bed beside me. I got tired of hearing the chewing so I told her to stop. When I looked over there I saw that there was blood shed. She had chewed until the hair was out and she was taking off skin. Why you ask? The vet said that some dogs are just stupid and chew on themselves not knowing that they are making it worse instead of better. Shane had to take her to the emergency vet since it was of course after hours. She came home with this really attractive cone and two weeks of meds. Poor little girl.


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