January Update!

We stayed in Alabama an extra day due to the fact that Taft was sick. Now I am not sure that he was really too sick. He had a runny, stuffy nose, a little fever, and could not sleep. We called the doctor and he told us what to do. The meds and vapor bath helped him and he was able to sleep. We headed back to Florida on Monday. On the trip home, I sat in the backseat beside him and noticed that there is a little tooth in the front bottom that was trying to get through the gum. Then today we saw that it has a little friend beside it. After talking to friends and family, it seems that all of his symptoms could have just been teething. He seems to be doing okay with it though. We just keep the Tylenol close by.
Also - he is beginning to sit up on his own. I'm so proud! I have been sitting with him between my legs giving him just a little support. Today I moved away while he was playing with his new Noah's Ark and found that he could do it all on his own. When he saw that I had the camera and not him, he did fall over. Just like a kid on a bike for the first time. =)


  1. Yay for Taft! He is SO cute! Definitely keep the Tylenol close by. He'll have a runny nose for a while b/c of those tiny little teethies! He's going to lose his gummy, baby grin. :o/ He's growing too fast!

  2. He is getting so big! Kendra is right, teething lasts for some time. Emily FINALLY has her full set in. Just wait until those molars start coming...

    Miss you!


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