5 on Friday!

Happy Friday!!
This weeks Grey's Anatomy was billed as Christina Yang's last episode.  Was anyone a little confused that so little time was spent saying goodbye? 
I loved the episode and all the changes that seem to be in the works.  I love that Amelia came.  I would love to see her as a regular on the show.
It is no secret that I love Sarah Jio.  I have read all her books and she can't write new ones for me fast enough.  I am thrilled to find out that I am approved to read an advanced copy of her new book, Goodnight June that will be published on May 27th.

Taft and I are going to a program at the Ravine State Gardens tomorrow.  He is in love with a very sweet Ranger there.  I have blogged about her before.  This program is a Creature Feature: Frog's.  We are going to learn how to tell the difference in frogs and toads.  Very valuable information.  If you live near us, come join us.
Earth Day was this week!  Taft's kindergarten class was learning all kinds of things.  He told me that cars are not good for the earth and that we should start to ride bikes to school and work.  Not gonna happen.  ;)  In a perfect world maybe. 
But there is an Earth Day celebration on Sunday at Princess Place.  I am pretty sure that we are going to try to get there after church.  We always enjoy it there.


We have babies!  Baby blackberries that is!  Even though we live in the city, we have a few wooded lots in our neighborhood that are full of blackberry bushes.  We seem to eat them as fast as we pick them.

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  1. I don't believe last night was Christina's last episode. Instead it was part of the "countdown to goodbye." I'm pretty sure that she'll be on till in season finale (in 4 weeks I think?), and I'm sure at that point there will be a big goodbye.

    And I've yet to read a Sarah Jio book, but I used to love her blogs when she wrote from Glamour and have heard such great things about her. I love the fact that her new book is about Goodnight Moon, and am excited for when I actually get to read it!


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