A January Bride | Book Review

Author, Deborah Raney
Published, December 24th, 2013
Publisher, Zondervan
eBook, 120 pages
Genre, Fiction, Romance, Christian Lit
Series, A Year of Weddings, #2

Description from Goodreads:
Who can work in a house that's overrun by contractors and carpenters? Not Madeleine Houser, a successful novelist who gladly accepts the help of her octogenarian friend, Ginny, to arrange for a temporary office in the charming bed and breakfast owned by Ginny's friend, Arthur. Maddie’s never met the innkeeper––but a friendship grows between them as Maddie and Arthur leave messages for each other each day. To Maddie’s alternate delight and chagrin, she seems to be falling for the inn’s owner––a man who's likely many years her senior––and who she’s never even met.

My Thoughts:
I really loved this story. Maddie is a woman that has given up on the idea of love and marriage. She believes that her life can be full and enjoyable with her writing career, taking care of her mother, and loving her sister's daughters. All this changes when she moves from New York to Kansas to be near her mother in the nursing home. She is remodeling her house and is unable to write with all the noise and distraction. But her neighbor, eighty-four year old Ginny, has other plans for her.
Ginny arranges for her to write at a local Bed and Breakfast. The owner is widowed and there are very few guests since the death of his wife. Since Ginny tells Maddie that she is friends with the owner, and was also good friends with his deceased wife, Maddie assumes that he is elderly also.
Arthur is the owner of the inn. He is a collage professor and still grieving his wife. Maddie and he don't meet one another in the beginning, and she too believes that Art is elderly like Ginny.
Art and Maddie begin leaving notes for one another each day and both begin to feel they know the other person. Both see the letters as a highlight of their day. They also think that it is a "safe" relationship due to the age difference that they have mistakenly believed. Once these two meet, they have to overcome feelings of grief and past heartache.
This is the second book in the series that I have read and I plan on reading them all. Once again, I loved the story and the writing. It was a very fast read. Each book in the series is written by a different author but all share a common theme. It is a brilliant idea to not only get you to read a series, but also to give you new authors to discover.

It is important to note that I received this book via NetGalley in return for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


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