Santa Pictures | Quincy Visit

For the past few years, we have gotten our photo's with Santa while at the Christmas Tree Farm. This year is not different. There is never a huge line and Santa is great about taking time with each child and giving you time to get a photo.
My favorite.  Even if Santa moved his hand mid photo.
I have no idea who or what they were looking at.

Santa's perplexed look when Taft told him he wants an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.  After I let him know that this was fine to bring, he told Taft that he cooks also. 
So - there you have it. Santa photos 2013.
Santa arrived in the afternoon and he must have brought Quincy with him. I think they had a secret meeting about Taft's behavior. Either way, we found Quincy in the pre-cut tree area. Taft thought it was awesome that he showed up there. He brought him a little activity book with crayons to use on the long ride home.


  1. No christmas is complete without a picture on Santa's lap!



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