Holiday Mail for Heroes

Holiday Mail for Heroes is something that we have done for years. Not all soldiers are unable to be at home during the holidays. They are deployed in far off places or in military hospitals receiving care.
Many of those may not have large numbers of friends and family to send them cards and well wishes for the holiday season. That is where the Red Cross comes in. Holiday Mail for Heroes makes sure that those in need get cards to brighten their holiday. But they need a lot of help to do that. They need people to take the time to address a few cards from your family and send them in.
This year I was so happy to have a little help. My wonderful niece and nephew were visiting for Thanksgiving and I thought it would be nice to do the cards together. This is the first year that Taft has been able to write his name multiple times in a row. He says that he gets tired, but since Izzy and Evan were on board, he was also.
I thought that once I put the cards on the table, the kids would not be willing to do the project. I was wrong. Izzy even got out her own colored pens. Izzy and Evan made all their cards unique and individual. They worked hard. They ate candy canes. They drank sparkling grape juice.
And here is a small example of their hard work.
The due date for these cards is over for this year, but it is never to early to put it on the calendar for next November.


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