31 Days | To Wrap or Not To Wrap

When I was a child, Santa would leave us our gifts unwrapped. I loved being able to walk in the living room and there were my gifts. Easy to see. Easy to survey for what was there.
When Taft was born, I learned that whether to wrap gifts from Santa or not was the parents preference. I decided to keep Taft's unwrapped also. His first Christmas that he could really understand the gifts were for him, I asked Santa to leave them unwrapped also. I loved seeing him walk in and see all those gifts waiting.
I have friends that ask Santa to wrap the gifts. Some even pick out the wrapping paper for him. That way it is easy to tell what was from Santa and what is not.

Does Santa wrap gifts at your house or not?

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  1. Santa does not wrap the gifts at our house... But he doesn't bring all the gifts under the tree, either. He gives one gift (usually the one they want the most), and then fills the stockings with trinkets!


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