31 Days | Parades

Who doesn't love a parade? I loved them as a child and then being able to watch them with Taft made them even better. Just seeing the wonder in his eyes as he sees all the floats with lights and Santa on a firetruck is perfect. Last year, we were even able to walk in the parade with his Pre-K class. They won best float. ;0

Taft and I in 2010

As a small child, we went to our home town parade and also to the "big city" in the county over. In high school I was on DanceLine and I was able to march in our two county parades and even a big on in Tennessee on a Band Trip. They were so much fun and I am even tempted to start doing our routine when I hear bands play certain Christmas songs.
Parades will be a big tradition at our house.

Do you like parades? Did you go as a child? Have you ever been to a well know parade like Macy's?

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