31 Days | Operation Christmas Child

If you haven't heard of Operation Christmas Child, it is time you did. This is a wonderful charity through Samaritans Purse. Since 1993, over 100 million children have received a simple shoebox gift and the love of God.
It is a very simple process to get involved. Pick what age and if you are giving to a girl or boy. Buy appropriate items for that child. They have a list of suggestions along with a list of things to not include here. You pack a shoebox or plastic container the size of a shoebox and send it off to an unknown child.  It may be the only gift they get all year, or even in their life up to this point.
You can check with the churches that are near you and see if any are working as a drop off point.  We have a few in our county this year and that make mailing them off even easier.  Just make sure to get an early start since the boxes need to be in the mail in November.
Children love to help with the buying and packing of these boxes.  It is a great time to talk to them about how little others have in comparison to them.  And a wonderful time to learn that it is more important to give than to receive. If you include a letter with your address, it is possible that you may get a letter from your child.
Do you do Operation Christmas Child?  Have you ever gotten a letter from one of your children?

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