31 Days | Cookie Swap

Welcome to day 4 of Christmas Traditions!
Have you ever heard of a Cookie Swap?  They have gotten very popular the last few years.  It seems that everywhere you look, someone is having one.  But what are they exactly?
Cookie swaps can be a great way to try lots of different cookies.  Some people even use it stock up on treats for all their visitors over the holidays.  You get to see your friends, get homemade goodies, and gather new recipes.  You also get to show off your baking and decorating skills.
Basically, you invite your baking friends to come over.  The general rule is that each person brings 1 dozen cookies or bars for each guest plus one dozen for taste testing.  So if you have 10 ladies, each one would bring 11 dozen cookies.  And, yes, that sounds likes a lot of cookies, but that means that you bring home as many as you take.
You can ask your guests to each bring their own container to take home cookies or you can provide some.  You can even have a packing station set up.  But remember to have tissue paper and waxed paper on hand to keep those goodies separated for packing.
You can also ask them to bring recipes cards for people to take home.  Or, if you have time, you can get them to email the recipe and then make each guest a little recipe book for a gift.  If can also be fun to have a nice door prize like an apron or baking wear.
There are lots of sites that can help the perfect cookie swap.  Here are just a few that I found.
Martha Stewart's 8 Step Plan
Simple Mom How To Host a Memorable Holiday Cookie Swap
C&H Sugar Cookie Swap
And here are some suggested recipes from Betty Crocker.
This is the recipe I used last year and I loved it.  It was simple and yummy.  Coconut Butterballs.

Have you gone to a cookie swap?  Do you have a recipe to share?

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  1. I did a cookie swap once... it was a lot of fun, but I came home with WAY too many cookies! I keep saying that I want to host one, but maybe I'll have guests make a half dozen per person instead!

  2. I've never been to a cookie swap, but I think they sound like fun in theory. My big issue would be the number of cookies I'd need to make, and how many I'd end up with. But maybe doing one with only 3 or 4 friends would make things a little more manageable.


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