Kindergarten Physical

Today was Taft's 5 year child up and Kindergarten physical rolled into one. We love Dr. Davis. His office is so cute and Taft got to watch Happy Feet while waiting to be called back by Miss Addie. Taft got a great bill of health. He is growing and developing right on track. Great breath sounds and clear lungs, which is very good considering that he has had pneumonia twice already. I have had pneumonia more times than I can count. Even once while I was pregnant with him and once last August. I have prayed that he doesn't get all my allergies and asthma, and so far we are okay. He also had a great time getting his reflexes checked. He was asked to stand on one foot and touch his toes. All the usual and he did great. And the best thing about today's visit is that he didn't need any shots! And we were able to get another photo with Dr. Davis.

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