Taft's 5th Birthday | VPK Party at School

Yesterday we had Taft a little birthday party at his school.  I have loved having him there.  Mom's and Dad's can come on the day closest to their child's birthday and have a party with them.  They always make you feel like you are welcome and enjoy the parties with the children.
Last year, Taft had a SpongeBob party at school.  We were going for another theme this year, but when Shane and I went to order cupcakes and saw the little burger ones, we knew he needed another SpongeBob party with Krabby Patties.  He was completely surprised.
 First bite of a Krabby Pattie.  We told him that SpongeBob made them.
 The kids loved them!  I loved how great they looked.  No detail was left out.  They even had real sesame seeds.  We got 24 for $15.99 at Target.  ;0
 Taft's hat from Mrs. Linda.
The birthday boy himself.  Now we are gearing up for his "big" party next weekend.  And of course, VPK graduation this week.


  1. Those cupcakes are amazing! I'm completely in awe that you found them at Target. So clever! And I hope Taft had a very happy birthday!


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