Cara Box Reveal | May Theme: "Let's Get Regional"

Have you heard about the Cara Box Exchange?  If not, you need too!!  You can go over to Wifessionals and check it out.  But here is simple overview:
You sign up and get paired up with two ladies.  One of which will send a box to you, and one that you will send a box out too.  This way you meet two great ladies.  (You can also do it each month and end up with 24 new friends in a year.  Who doesn't need new friends?)
Each month has a theme for you to follow when packing your box.  May was "Let's Go Regional".  That meant to fill your box with local goodies and fun things from around where you live.  Boxes have to be at least $15 but you can go over if you wish.

The great girl that sent me my VERY FIRST Cara Box is Shay .  She is from Southern Oregon and blogs at To Rise Like a Phoenix from the Ashes.  So please go over and check her out.  She sent me an amazing box!!
I knew it was on the way and when I got close to the mailbox I could smell lavendar.  My heart may have skipped a beat at that moment.  :0  I could not get in that box fast enough.  She also included a list of contents and where they come from and a very sweet note!  Let's look at what I got, shall we?

  • Lavendar soap.  Homemade and smells awesome.  I can close my eyes and pretend.  I am in a lavendar field.  Organic Lip Balm (which feels awesome!) and purple nail polish.  I am really loving all things purple at the moment.

  • Honey.  I love honey.  I can just eat it with a spoon and this one is to die for!!!  All honeys taste a little different depending on where they come from so it was great to get one from another region.
  • Chocolate.  Did I mention there was chocolate in the box?  Not just any chocolate either.  Organic flavored chocolate.  One bar with hazelnut and another with chai. Both are organic and amazing!
  • Also - local made toffee!!!  And not just any toffee, but almond toffee. It is wonderful!

I send a box to Jessica at Just Here For The Coffee.  She was a lot of fun to get to know. You can head over to her blog to what I sent her my home here in Florida.  She lives in Mississippi.  ( M-I-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I is still the first thing that I think about when I hear Mississippi.  Does anyone else do that?)

This was truley so much fun!!  I got great things, a wonderful note, and met two great girls who I can continue to learn about from their blogs and emails.  I can't wait to do it again next month and I hope that you will join in also.

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