Trunk or Treat | Trick or Treat

On Halloween, Taft's Preschool had there Trunk or Treat.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun so I was excited to participate again.  This year we decided on a "Snack Bar" theme.   I had said it was to be a concession stand but Taft could say "concession" very well and it made him made.  So we changed it.
 My die cut machine got a workout working on the signs.  We used pretend food from Taft's kitchen to glue on the sign and also made sure to add Taft's name to the display.  He really loved it and we decided to let him have the signs to decorate his play room.
 Gran (my MIL) was her to visit so she got to be the mustard to my ketchup.   I have to say that it is about the most comfortable costume I have ever worn.  It barely touches you and I work a black turtleneck and leggings underneath.  Don't we look cute?
Before the Truck or Treat started, Gran and I help Mrs. Linda get the children in their costumes.  It was a lot of fun but a lot of work.  All the kids looked great.  Gran even read them a story while they all got dressed.
 To go along with our theme, I made treat bags for Taft's friends, using Popcorn bags from Dollar Tree.  He picked the candy that went inside and we stamped some quick little tags to go on them.  Mrs. Lynda (Taft's teacher),  put all the gifts on top of each child's cubby.  I think that was just brilliant.  On holidays, we often forget treat bags and gifts with all the confusion and excitement.  This made sure that we got them all.
 Gran and I took down our car decor and heading in with the class to help with getting the party together.  I am so glad to have Taft in a class this year where the parents take part.  We had some issues with that last year.  I know that not every parent works for a place that allows them to be at the school for special events. But the class would have a sign up sheet for things to bring to for a party.  We would have people sign up for things and then not bring them.  Not just one person but even half the parents at a time.  Taft's Pre-K is so far from this and I hope that Halloween set the bar for the coming holidays.
They had a fruit bowl, cheese, crackers, cheese puffs, vegetable tray, dip, juice boxes, and cupcakes.  It seems that everyone brought what was on their list and more.  The kids had a great little buffet and loved it!  And the fact that they had Snoopy plates is just awesome.
 After the party, I took Gran home and I went to work for the afternoon.  Later, Shane and I got Taft from school and he wanted to go to the Haunted House at one of our fire stations.  He was very brave outside and talked to the zombies and monsters and the fire fighter that was cooking parts of people and even offered him an ear right off the grill.  But once we got inside, he was ready to go home.  He said that the monsters were too scary.  But by the next day, he said he wants to go back next year.
When we got home from the Haunted House, we put on our costume and headed out to trick or treat to in our neighborhood.  We only made it to about five houses before we found a scared, cold, puppy.  A chihuahua.  We carried him around trying to find his home.  We called Shane to come pick us up to get to people faster and we were able to get the sweet little dog back to his owner.  That made Taft very happy.


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