Seafood Festival Carnival

On Sunday, November 4th, (yes I am behind) we went to the Palm Coast Seafood Festival.  The main reason that we went was because Gran (my MIL) and I drove by Saturday while shopping and saw that they had a little carnival.  We knew that Taft would love it.  And he did.
He was really not tall enough to ride most things but he loved this one ride and had to do it more than once.

He was just fine with it going faster and faster and spinning more and more.  He also liked the little train.

After the carnival rides, we did walk around the festival and see all the yummy things to eat.  Like alligator on a stick.  Can't get better than that.  And we had some fresh squeezed lemonade before checking out the dog show.  It was a nice little afternoon for all of us and Taft loved it all. 

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