Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!

Ok - so a hurricane is not fun.  Really, it's not.  We moved to Florida in 2004.  Right before getting hit by three of the strongest hurricanes to hit Florida in years.  In early August, we were hit by Charley.  A Category 4 storm.  I remember watching the news and making sure that we were in the eye of the storm before getting out of the house to let the dog go to the bathroom.  It truly is amazing how calm it is in the eye.  You would never know that your home was just getting hit by 140 mile per hour winds a few minutes before.  At least you wouldn't if you did see all the damage outside before moving back in to be hit again.
On September 5, we got hit by Frances.  After making it through Charley with no damage to our house, I thought this would be a piece of cake.  I saw the news channel and realized that not only was Frances a Category 4 and as strong as Charley, but she was bigger than our state.  My father said that I might want to look into coming north.  That wasn't an option.  People were trying to leave and the interstate was not moving.  People were running out of gas on the side of the road with no way to get more.  We stayed.  And thankfully, it was fine.
So - by the time we got hit with Jeanne, another  on September 25.  Jeanne was just a Category 3.  And yes I realize that sounds a little stupid, but by then I was sure that I was a hurricane pro.  It hit.  It rained and the winds were strong.  We lost power but only for 2 days.  We were lucky that our house was on the same power grid as a fire department and a retirement home.  Those get fixed first. 
Since then we have had Tropical Storms which don't even seem to concern Florida natives and transplants that have been here for a few years.  In a way that can be bad.  We get to think that our location and storms hitting on the gulf and coming over are no big deal.  We take for granted how lucky we have been in the past and need to remember that it may not always be that way.
And now we have this...

And Isaac is seriously making me rethink my weekend plans.  It has rained everyday for more days than I can count and everything is VERY wet.  The last thing that we need is a Tropical Storm or Category 1 storm bring more rain.  Flooding is a real fear.  In fact, it is raining right now and I am a little tired of rain.  I want to be able to get out this weekend and let Taft do something out of the house.  He is going stir crazy.  I guess while everyone else is buying bread and peanut butter, I better be coming up with some new art projects for the boy.


  1. I got like this with tornadoes, too blase about them really. We lived in the midwest and Spring and Summer meant keeping an eye on the tv and wandering into the bathroom if you thought it was really bad. I think we used to drive our MIL crazy, she is a serious worrier and would want everyone in her basement at the slightest hint of storms.

    We now live in Colorado and it is a nice relief to not have to look at the tv everytime a storm builds.

    Stay safe and sane.


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