Ice Age: Continental Drift

On August 5th, (why I haven't blogged about this until now is beyond me) Taft and I went to see Ice Age:  Continental Drift.  We saw the trailor when we say The Lorax and Taft was laughing uncontrolably.  I knew that he would love it.
We went to the local theater and got our Kid's Pack (popcorn, drink, and Skittles).  I was a bad person and smuggled in M&M's and a Pepsi in a bottle from the Dollar for me.  I refuse to pay $4 for a drink.
We loved the movie.  It was so cute.  Of course I love all the Ice Age movies.  That dang little squirrel is just too funny.
Taft's favorite part was when they said, "Pirate Booty".  Yes - the word booty makes him giggle.  Our next movie may be Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Dog Days.  He loves those too.

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