Pest Control For The Home: Guest Post

Today's guest post is written by Rose McMillian.  She is sharing her knowledge as a pest control professional.  We all know that when there are dry, hot conditions, we get pest soming in looking for a cool place to hang out and get some water.  So - check out her great tips on how to keep your home pest free!

During the spring and summer, home pest control often becomes an important issue in many people’s household routine. No matter where a person might live, it is common for them to discover that their house has been infested with insects such as ants, spiders, and roaches. These pests are usually searching for food and water. Because of the germs that they bring into the home, these types of pests pose a serious health concern for all members of the family.
Stinging pests such as scorpions, wasps, and bees can also be dangerous for everyone, especially people with allergies. For pest control, maintaining a strict cleaning and home maintenance regimen can be an important part of any pest management system.
For the best pest management, preparations should begin as soon as the weather is nice enough to begin doing work on the house outside. Many insects are attracted to leaves and debris. Scorpions tend to use these areas as hiding places and shelter. Therefore, these should be removed from the yard with special attention paid to areas around the exterior walls. Overhanging tree branches and limbs should also be trimmed away from the roof and any overhangs should be checked for nests. The walls, roof, and chimney of a home should also be checked for any cracks and crevices. Any that are found should be sealed immediately. These can often be so small that it is difficult for many people to even notice. A pest control company can be helpful for noticing any exterior areas of the home that could provide an easy way for insects to enter the home.
Remember, always to be cautious and read the labels when using over the counter pesticides. They’re not always effective against scorpions, because scorpions tend to hide in cracks and crevices during daylight hours. Adult scorpions are more difficult to exterminate with pesticides because of their larger body size and thicker cuticle. This is why it’s important to inspect and asses the severity of your situation and call a professional when the problem appears to be out of your hands.
Keeping the interior of a house clean is also important for home pest control. Kitchens tend to attract cockroaches, ants, and spiders. If an infestation is already well under way, then it is advisable to contact a pest control company to first eliminate these pests. Once the insects have been removed, then keeping food and drinks cleaned up off of tables, countertops, and floors will help to keep them away. Sweeping the floors daily and mopping frequently are important parts of pest management that can be accomplished by any member of the household.
In addition to the typical daily cleaning that should be done, deep cleaning and the removal of clutter is also important for pest control. Scorpions, cockroaches, and spiders all love to hide in piles of paper and clothing. When clearing out the clutter, it is important to proceed carefully in order to avoid an unintended sting. Shake out shoes and other items that have been near or on the floor before wearing them. Also, be sure to check carefully for insects before placing clothing or other items into storage. Many valuable household items have been ruined by cockroaches or moths.
Finally, it is important to make sure not to bring in any household pests. Spiders and cockroaches can be brought into the home in groceries so it is important to check bags and boxes carefully after shopping. Bees and wasps will fly into homes through open doors and windows. Keeping these entries closed as often as possible will keep them out. If they need to be open, then use a well-fitting screen. While keeping the inside and outside of a home clean will help to prevent pests, a pest control company should still be brought into the home regularly to ensure that all precautions are working. Together, a professional exterminator and home pest control methods are the best ways to keep pests out of the house.

Author Bio: Rose McMillan is an experienced pest control professional, who now does freelance writing with the purpose of educating homeowners. Sources: Terminix Pest Library.