Choron Family Reunion: Noccalula Falls

Yesterday was my family reunion.  It is the Choron Family reunion.  My dad's grandmother's maiden name was Choron.  Our Uncle Harold has been the driving force behind these reunions since he started them in 1984.  They are every other year and the first Sunday of July.  We always have them at Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama.
Taft had never been and I was excited to show him the water falls.  But - it has been so dry this year, that not even a drop of water was coming over.  It was pretty sad.
We did have a good time though.  The kids got to ride the train and go to the animal barn to pet a few new friends.  The food was great and so many people were able to come.
Here are just a few photos of the day.

  My brother and Taft.  He loves Patrick.
 Travis (my sister's son), Mallory (her daughter), Taft and I, Patrick and his daughter, Harleigh.
 My mom and dad with all the kids and grandkids.
 Did I mention that it was 110? 
 Taft waiting on the train.
 Travis and Taft on the train.
 Mallory and Kristi.
 Harleigh and I
 Taft and Harleigh with the bunnies.
Travis and Taft.  Taft was a big fan of Travis and had to hold his hand all the time.
The final thing for Taft and I to get was a patch for our backpack.  You may remember that he wants patches on out backpack to look more like Ranger Lauren.  Lucky for us, they had one.
#23 is now checked off!

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