Summer Bucket List

I was inspired by The Malphrus Family and her post on their Summer Bucket List.  I decided that I need to add mine to our blog.  There are lots of things that I plan on doing this summer with Taft.  A lot of them are new things that he has never done since we will not be taking a "real vacation".  Of course, since we live in Florida at the beach, there isn't a lot of need to go on a big vacation.  We are very lucky in that respect.
Please go over to her blog and take a look.  It is so cute and they have already completed some of their list.  I am pretty sure that you will want to follow her too.
So here it is!  I did copy a few things from her blog and Pinterest has some great ideas also. 

  1. Make art with a white crayon and paint
  2. Go to the beach at night to look for crabs
  3. Make popsicles
  4. Make glue prints
  5. Take a random day trip to somewhere new
  6. Visit a flee market
  7. Visit a Farmer's Market
  8. Attend Vacation Bible School
  9. Have dinner outside
  10. Visit the Orlando Science Center
  11. Visit a Children's Museum
  12. Visit a State Park
  13. Visit a National Park/Monument
  14. Watch Fireworks
  15. Go to the movies
  16. Make a bird feeder
  17. Go to the movies
  18. Learn to write our ABC's
  19. Go on a scavenger hunt
  20. Make ice cream
  21. Go to a zoo
  22. Go fishing
  23. Visit Family
  24. Go to a new park
  25. Go on a picnic
  26. Make an ABC of Summer 2012 book
  27. Make sidewalk chalk paint
  28. Make a sandbox
  29. Blow bubbles
  30. Go to the zoo
  31. Make potato stamps
  32. Finger paint
  33. Visit a petting zoo
  34. Make sun prints
  35. Make white flowers colorful
Are you doing a Summer Bucket List?


  1. I love your summer bucket list! I just posted mine today too. I think it will be such a fun way to keep track of all of the fun things to do during the summer!

  2. The idea of a summer bucket list frightens me...maybe that's why I haven't started one. I'm debating on if I should...I am sort of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda mom (which is a nice way of saying I'm crummy at planning & organizing but big on love, lol). Being a perfectionist I would likely feel I'd failed my kids if I didn't scratch everything off of the list by summer's end, lol! Your list is great...you will have one fun-filled summer with Taft!

  3. I took the boys I nanny for to the Orlando Science Center today! They LOVED it! The 6 year old is crazy about building things so he was into everything, and the 3 year old went crazy over the dinosaur room!


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