Guest Post: Healthy Summer Treats for You and Your Family

 Are you looking for healthy snack options now that summer is here?  Wiona with AspiringNurse.com has a few sugestions in today's Guest Post.

Although winter is long and cold, it is often seen as the best time for delicious food. When it comes to summer however, most people would rather not reach for the hot chocolate and turkey, opting instead for s’mores and ice cream. The one problem with this is that we no longer have layers of warm clothing to cover up our holiday fat. This summer then, you might want to look for some ideas for healthy treats that you can make and enjoy all summer long, without worrying about what they will do to your beach body. Perhaps you are not worried about yourself; rather you want your children to have a healthy summer diet – or just a break from all of that ice cream!  Read on then, and you will discover that there are tons of great ideas out there for healthy, yet delicious, summer treats.
Strawberries and Cream
A classic summer dessert and delicious to boot! Stock up on strawberries or your other favorite berries, wash them, and place them in a bowl. Add a dollop of cream and enjoy! With delicious strawberries, you really can't go wrong.
You can buy these or make them yourself. Simple and delicious, your kids will love them, but you can put as much or as little sugar in them as you want.
Snow Cones
The same as popsicles, but in a different format. Snow cones are fun for kids and grown-ups alike. You can control the amount of syrup that goes into the shaved ice, and whether or not it is sugar free, so you do not have to worry about what it might be doing to your kids' bodies.
Frozen Bananas
A classic summertime treat. Freeze some bananas overnight on wax paper. In the morning you can dip them in melted chocolate, or eat them as they are. These are yummy, healthy, and fun!
Fruit Kabobs
A different and creative way to display your fruit. Fruit is always the perfect summer treat, but putting it on a skewer is an inspired way to make it easy to eat and fun to look at!
The great thing about smoothies is that they can never go wrong. You can buy them or make them at home and either way you will enjoy it. Experiment with your different fruits and flavors and try something new every day. They even work as a quick and easy breakfast - what a great way to start a summer day!

Wiona H. is a writer for AspiringNurse.com. If you are interested in becoming a psychiatric nurse, you can go to school online in the summer, while you treat your family to these yummy snacks! 

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