End of School Celebration

Taft's class did an End of School Celebration yesterday.  It was lead by their music teacher, Miss Phyllis, and they sang songs that they learned this year.  Here are the songs that sang:  Oh What a Miracle, Learning Shapes, Dinosaurs, Months of the Year (in English and Spanish), Save the Earth, and The Number Rock.
They started by showing us all that they know how to Pledge the Allegiance to the Flag.
And then they started to sing.  They were really good and of course there were times that they were just funny.
 Showing all the ways that he can move for Oh What a Miracle. 
 Being a T-Rex for the Dinosaur Song
 One of the very funny parts of the performance.  Poor Triston had a bug get on him and run off through the kids.  They all seemed to love it, with the exception of Triston.
 Taft must have thought that it was wonderful.
 But the show must go on and they sang Save The Earth without anymore excitement.
 The entire class wore sunglasses and danced while they sang The Number Rock.  Brandon got roll of the lead guitarist.  
 And Taft completely rocked out.
 And showed us some attitude.
They were all adorable.  It is so hard to believe that Preschool is over.  On Monday, Taft starts Summer Camp which is Pre-Pre-K.  I'm thinking it is a little like a college prep course to get them ready for August.  Most of his class is moving up and going to school this summer and that makes the transition easier.


  1. Aw! Your little guy is so cute! It looks like they had a GREAT time!

    An aw, those tiny little chairs for those tiny little people! :p cute! :p :)

    xoxo Shar

  2. Thank you! They did have a great time. And I am pretty sure that they are almost too big for those tiny chairs. The Preschool has all sizes. It is so cute.

  3. Lol. That picture of Taft rocking out totally makes me giggle! Love that boy!

    Also, those have got to be the tiniest chairs I have ever seen!

    1. I know, right? He is such a ham. He kept looking at me like, "Are you getting a picture of this?" I think he is used to the camera by now.
      Those are the smallest chairs on Earth. ;0

  4. Love the photos, looks like a fun celebration. I love watching kids performances, very entertaining!

  5. Oh my gosh this is killing me! SO SO cute! I bet it was hilarious and so sweet! Great photos! Thanks for linking up with Life Lately!!

    The Weekend File


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