4th Birthday Dinosaur Party

Last Sunday, Taft had his 4th Birthday Party.  We decided on a pool party, something that we have not done since his 1st birthday.  The kids are a little older now and able to be in the pool without all the parents being in there with them.  I was lucky to have help with photos that day.  Shane's BIL was able to use my camera outside while I was dealing with food and my sweet friend Casey, who is a photographer, was here too.  In fact, my favorite photo of the day is one that she took.  I would have never thought of getting him to do this, and he may not have done it for me anyone.  Isn't it great?
There are so many great photos from that day and I am only going to post the main highlights.
Another favorite is this great picture of Taft doing one of his favorite things - getting tossed in the pool.  Thanks Uncle Scott.
 And sweet baby Stran using Taft as a ring toss was just too cute.
 I cooked all the food for the party.  I tell myself that I am going to make things easy and enjoy the party.  I did do a little better this time.  We had the food set up on the island in the house.  Since we were invited a lot of little kids, we decided that a hot grill be the pool was not a good idea.  I did hot dogs in the crock pot (an idea I got off Pinterest) and I made Puerto Rican Style Pork Shoulder.  The meat was a three day process but was so worth it.  For sides we had baked beans, cole slaw, and Taft's favorite homemade macaroni and cheese.  Guests had the option of using the pulled pork on a sandwich or just one it's on.
When we started looking at cakes online, Taft told me that he wanted me to make the cupcakes.  This is something else that I said I would not do again.  Years have passed though and I finally figured out the easiest way for me to make them.  I ordered these adorable toppers that matched his invitations, treat bag tags, and thank you notes.  (All from Green Apple Paperie)  I ordered the file and had them printed at Staples.  My niece, Izzy, glued them to Popsicle sticks after I punched them out.
Taft picked out the icing color and the cupcake liners.

 I was in Dollar Tree and saw that they had a lot of dinosaur themed pool toys.  We got 12 rings and 6 beach balls.  My nephew, Evan, helped blow them up the day before the party.  The kids loved them.
 For the treat bags, I got plastic dinosaurs, Blow Pops, Smarties, and Sour Straws.  All favorites of Taft.  I put them in simple brown paper bags and used the cute tags that I ordered.
And we ordered balloons online that are the dinosaurs from the show Dinosaur Train.  Taft loved the one of Buddy that was as big as he was.
Taft was so happy to have Gran and his cousins here for the days leading up to the party.  He was also so happy that two of his friends from Preschool were able to come.  I was so thankful to have Izzy, Evan, and Gran there to help with all the things needed to get ready.  And Casey taking photos and Yvette making sure that I did the pork the right way was wonderful.
We all had a great time.  Taft was so excited all day and told me that he had the "best day".  Nothing can be better than that.  But he was so tired and excited that he didn't go to bed until late.  By the time that he woke up on Monday, he was just too tired to go to school.  Lucky for me, Gran was still at our house and he stayed home to rest.  I am pretty sure that he is spoiled rotten.


  1. Looks like everything went great! Happy Birthday! xo

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