Wednesday Love

Oh dear!  I almost forgot that it was Wednesday.  This week has gone by so fast already, not to mention that it is a full moon week.  Anyone in the health care field can tell you that it really makes a difference.  Not in a good way.
Anyway - here are the loves for this week.
What I am loving on Pinterest:
Cucumber Salad.  While I am not a fan of cucumber myself, I know a lot of people that are and this would be great little gifts.  Here is the source.
I fell in love with succulents in Carmel.  This makes me want to get lots of them for beside the pool.
Aren't these cute?  This site has so many cute ways to use buttons.

What I am loving/random thoughts:
*  Taft went to Hooter's for the first time this week.  We went to Ormond Beach for haircuts and then decided to get some dinner in Daytona Beach before heading home.  Taft was not sure what to think.  I am pretty sure that he liked it though.  What do you think?

*  When I was giving Taft his bath last night, he told me that the Hooter's girls wear underwear to work and that he saw their booty's.

* Last Thursday, we went to Publix.  Taft and I were looking in the produce section and I noticed that they had nice little herb plants.  Shane and I decided to pick up the rosemary and catnip.  Before I could get the catnip out of the bag, Trevor had started to pull off pieces and was acting insane.  It really is like crack for some cats.

* Speaking of catnip, after I went to bed, Shane gave Trevor and Goat a leaf off the plant to enjoy.  This is what Taft and I found the next morning.
Shane said not to touch anything.  It was a crime scene.  Poor Trevor was the victim of assault and lost his pretty pink collar.  It was returned pending an investigation.


  1. That hair tie idea is super cute. I really like it!

  2. First of all, maybe Trevor was attacked because he was wearing a "pretty pink collar". Ever thought of that?! ;o)

    Second of all, Taft cracks me up.

    1. Trevor LOVES his pretty pink collar. Real men wear pink. He cries if it comes off.
      Taft cracks me up too.

    2. YUM...I love cucumber salad and yours looks wonderful!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing about your post and the cat wiht the catnip...I bought mine some the other day and it was in my shoppong bag...My cat Indy must have smeeled it inside the bad and tried ot jump up the counter and instead landed on my roomamtes lap thaat interuned scared her and she was holding a cup full of soda...she was so starle that the cup of soda covered all of us and Indy being soaked wiht Soda still stood there crying for his catnip!! Cats are so funny!


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