"I speak for the trees."

I have been wanting to take Taft to the movie theater for quite a while.  Every time that a cute kids movie is out, I entertain that idea.  Finally at 3 1/2, he got to go to his first movie.  The timing could not have been more perfect since he spent last week studying about Dr. Seuss at school.
One of the the local elementary schools had two theaters tonight for $6.50 per person (adults included).  You had to have a pass that they send home and Taft and I scored one from a friend that was not using it tonight.
He was so excited.  I told him that it would be the biggest television that he has even seen.  His face was priceless when we walked up the little "tunnel" and around to the stadium sitting.  We were even able to lift the arm rest between us and get very comfy.
He loved it.  He laughed and laughed and kept asking which one was Dr. Seuss.  ;0
We also like the previews.  It seems that there is going to be a Despicable Me 2 and another Ice Age.  Both have to be added to out list.
Here a few photos from the night.
 Taft deep in thought.
 Of course Bunny went to the movies too!
And the one and only photo of me from the night.  Taft took it in the parking lot on the way home.
I loved having a date night with my favorite little man.


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