Wednesday Love

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already.  The weeks are going by so fast.  It will be summer before we know it and Taft's 4th Birthday will be here.  I can't believe it.  Now I need to work on the theme....

Here is a list of things that I am loving this week:

*Mimi Alford.  She is the woman that just wrote a book about her affair with JFK.  She was 19 and an intern at the White House.  I can't really imagine.  Although, Clinton was President when I was 19, so I guess it might have been a possibility. 

*Sam Moon.  I am in love with this necklace and I am pretty sure that I need to get it.

*How my friend, Kendra, announced to her co-workers that she was expecting another little one. Love those honey buns!  And I can't wait to meet this one.

Things that I love from Pinterest this week:

*Vege Dip in peppers.  I must remember this.
* Container gardens.  I am ready to start working on the gardens.

* Love this idea for keeping embroidery thread in its place.

And this weeks Random Thoughts/Happenings:

*Taft told the waitress at Sonny's that she was beautiful.  She gave him a free juice box to go.

*Taft has been talking to his bunny at lot lately.  I caught him talking to him Bunny in the car on the way to the library.  He said that Bunny was crying because we left More Bunny at home.  He said that he had to hold him or he would be sad.  Finally I caved and told him that he could take him into the library.

*Kohl's end of season sale was going on over the weekend.  It happens to be Taft's favorite store, so getting to go is a treat.  We went on Saturday and Taft is always excited to be there.  He got a pair of pants and four shirts for $20.  He was pretty happy.  And even happier when he got new PJ's and khaki's from our trip to Target.

I am linking up with Whatnot Wednesday, What I'm Loving Wednesday, Oh, So Pinteresting, Midweek Confessions, and Follow Me Wednesday.  Have a GREAT Wednesday!

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