{Book Club Friday}: Breaking the Silence

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This week I read Breaking the Silence written by Diane Chamberlain.
Here is the description from Goodreads:
Laura Brandon had promised her dying father she would visit Sarah Tolley, but her own agony is drowning out the old woman's ramblings. Her husband killed himself, and the only witness--her daughter, Emma--now refuses to speak. Desperate, Laura turns to a man she met once nine years ago: Emma's real father. Together they search frantically for the key to Emma's silence, only to find it in an old woman's fading memories of love, despair and unspeakable evil.

What did I think:
Just as the description on Goodreads says, it is a story of mystery, love, and evil.  I love that it goes back and forth between current day and the past.  It makes it enough historical fiction to make me love it, but still so much more. 
The lives and characters of the past and present are written so well that you can see them all.  No detail seems to be left out.  I am a huge fan of everything being tied up in the end of books and this one does that perfect.

BOOK 12:30 FOR 2012
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  1. Replies
    1. In many ways, yes. What happens in the past is so horrible and sad, but it ends well in the present. I wish that Sarah had not had dementia. I would have liked to have seen what she thought about the way things ended.

  2. i read this one a bit ago and enjoyed it as well. diane is such a talented writer.

  3. I read Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and really enjoyed Chamberlain's style of writing. It was very easy to connect emotionally to her characters! I'm not sure if this is the one a friend was reading or another of her books, but I definitely need to put it on my to-read list.


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