Santa Came!

Taft slept with me on Christmas Eve (he does all the time), he woke up and told me that he heard Santa the night before.  He said that he heard him say, "Ho, Ho, Ho!", and that he was outside when he said it.  I told him that I was sure it was while he was letting the reindeer have their snack.  He agreed and wanted to get up to see if Santa came and left him anything.
He walked into the family room and quickly saw that Santa did make a drop off here.  He was so excited.  It was the first year that he was old enough to know what was going on.
He got the desk and phone with an answering machine that he asked for.  He now has his office that he has wanted.  He also wanted paint and he got a lot of it and a few different kinds.  He also got clay, hand soap, bubble bath, body wash, chalk, a chalkboard/dry erase board, magnetic letters, wood building blocks, Lincoln Logs, a football, candy, and a doctors kit.
We moved the desk to his playroom and he spent hours painting us pictures.
Gran sent him a shaving kit.  He loves it.  He saved in his bath.  

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