Christmas Eve

Today we decided to just stay in.  Taft and I worked on the playroom a little and tried to make room for all the new toys that we knew were on their way from the north pole.  So as the afternoon rolled in, we decided to let Taft start opening gifts from grandparents.That is beginning to be a tradition for us. 
Gran got him a train table for his GeoTrax that also came with another train and more track.  I love that the table is in 3 pieces.  We can use it for so many things including playing with blocks. (We are waiting to see if Santa brings those.)

Mawmaw and Pawpaw got him a grill.  Taft is a big fan of cooking in general and loves to watch Shane on the grill.  This one is as close to ours as you can get and even has a rotisserie attachment.  It makes noise and sounds like Taft is cooking away.  I can see that he is going to cook me a alot of hot dogs.

Another tradition is to get some new ornaments for Christmas.  Here are the ones that Taft got this year.
A big giraffe.  This one is special since he went to the zoo for the first time on his birthday.  He also got to feed the giraffes.
A circus tent.  We also went to the circus for the first time this year.  Instead of a picture, I put his ticket in the little slot.
A circle cut from his first live tree.  I got his idea off Pinterest and knew we had to do it.  I added a ribbon and a little tag with the year. 
A recordable wish ornament.  Gran sent Taft this ornament and it is special since this is the first year that Taft really made a list for Santa and it is great to record a little memory of that.
And we got a new family ornament from Gran.  A silver star.

And Taft made us a new ornament this year too.  He made a bell at school.  It is my favorite this year.
After opening a few gifts, we went to Central Park for the Festival of Lights.  Different businesses and clubs in town donate a light display to go around the lake.  Taft really liked it since you get to walk and see the lights up close. 

Because he is 3.
And after coming home and having dinner, we went outside to leave Reindeer Food for Santa's reindeer to have a little snack while he is putting out Taft's gifts.

And finally, before bed, Taft made some "circle" cookies with sprinkles for Santa.

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