"I Lost My Scream"

Taft went to his doctor's visit yesterday.  It was a very eventful afternoon for us. 
First of all, Taft knew that we were going to the doctor and he wanted to go as soon as he woke up.  He didn't like the idea that we had a 1:30 pm appointment and that we could not just go to the doctor whenever we wanted.
While we were getting ready to go to the appointment, he told me that he didn't want them to take him apart.  I am pretty sure that he has watched a little too much Grey's Anatomy.  I told him that he would not be taken apart.  He was good with that.
At times, we have had a long wait at the office and I thought that it would be a good idea to take a bag of books and get him a juice.  So - we stopped at the little store on the way.  The Gustafson milk truck was there and the milk man came in the store at the same time that we did.  Taft saw him and started to ask what he was doing.  I told him that the milk man came into the store to see how much milk they needed.  The one man that works in the store agreed and said that Taft needed to go out and met the milk man.  So off we went - and the milk man let him check out the truck.
When we got to the doctor, he wanted me to hold him in the elevator.  He only hates it when it is moving.  ;0
We were taken to a room quickly and he was a very good boy talking to Miss Addie (the MA).  Then he got out his Leap Frog and started to "read" some books.  He was singing when Dr. Davis came in. 
He asked a few questions and told Dr. Davis that looking at his ears tickled.  When the doctor went to listen to his chest, he said, "I lost my scream".  Dr. Davis was trying to not laugh.  I told him that Taft had started to lose his voice the night before and said that his scream was gone.  I told him that the doctor might be able to find it.  Dr. Davis assured him that he would get it back, told him what a good boy he had been, and that he would be all better in time for his Thanksgiving at Preschool on Friday.

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