Whatnot Wednesday

Here is what I have for this week:
  • This week I read a very funny post by my best friend Kendra.  It is  a post about Sedation Dentistry and can be found on her blog, {Hallie}lujah.  You really need to read it if you are afraid of the dentist, and it is a good read if you have never understood the fear of the dentist.
  • Housewives of New Jersey.  Just the fact that I watch this show is horrible, but last summer I spent a few weeks with my mother in law and she got me hooked.  It is truly a a train wreck.  The only one that seems to have any real clue as to how the world works is Caroline.  I am pretty sure that most of the world would like to slap a little sense into Teresa.  It just goes to show that having money and success does not always go along with having an education.  Some people just get lucky, and she got very lucky.  Bless her soul.  I do love her, but seriously!  And can someone please take Ashley and drop her off in California if that is where she wants to go.  She wouldn't last 5 minutes on herself.  It could be fun to watch her get some reality.
  • Rizzoli and Isles - I am loving this show.  I started watching last summer and I hope that it makes it for years to come.  Angie Harmon is one of those rare people who gets prettier with age.
  • I have so many projects in my head right now and I just have to get started on a few.  Pinterest is not only addicting and wonderful for visual people, put is FULL of wonderful and practical ideas to try.  I have a few for the kitchen and playroom that I need to get to work on asap.
  • I had a random thought this morning about the Easter Bunny vs Santa.  I believe that the Easter Bunny totally wins in our house.  I mean, Santa brings a lot more stuff but two of Taft's all time favorite items are from the Easter Bunny.  His first Easter, he got Bunny.  Since that day, he has not left the house without Bunny.  Bunny rides in the car to Preschool and then walks Taft in.  Bunny spends the day helping me at work before he goes to get Taft.  And this year, the Easter Bunny brought him his watch.  A very cute Kids Timex.  Myself, and the Easter Bunny, had convinced ourselves that it would be lost in a week.  It is now August and was on his arm before we left the house this morning.
It is a pretty cute lizard watch.

Do you have random thoughts that are taking up valuable space in your mind today?  Head on over to The Wonderful Happens and link them up.  You will love reading what others are thinking.


  1. Hey there, found you through Whatnot Wed. I'll have to go read your friend's post, I'm scared of the dentist but I can do it....although it's been years since I had work done, just cleanings for maybe 10 years now, for work I might have to be sedated for that :).

  2. Yes...I have so many things in my head taking up VALUABLE space. HA. There probably isn't enough space in the blog world for me to post about everything...tomorrow is Meet the Teacher night and I *just* got my room (somewhat) completed. Pictures to come.

    @Jenny...sedation is totally the way to go. I don't think I'll ever go back...even after feeling totally loopy the day after! :o)

  3. Uh-oh...the link isn't working.

    Head on over to funhappies.blogspot.com and you'll find the post on the sedation dentist trip. :o)

  4. I fixed the link. I am not sure what happened to it! ;0


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