Sunday at The Park

On Friday, I promised Taft that we would go to the park this weekend.  It has been forever since we went, mainly because it is at least 300 degrees most days.  Maybe that is a tad of an exaggeration but you get the idea.  Yesterday, it was cloudy and was supposed to rain so we stayed home.  Today we needed to go out for a few things that could not wait until Monday.  I told him that if he was good in Target, we would go to the park on the way home.  And...he was good.
We started the trip off with swinging.  Taft's favorite park activity.

Then we moved on to climbing up to the slide.

And off course the slid.  He thinks that he is such a big boy now that Mommy doesn't climb up there with him.  I think that the "I Rule the Playground" shirt was appropriate.

But he still looks pretty small in perspective.

And this he loved.  Until he was about half the way up and wanted Mommy to save him.  He said that he was "too little".  He's such a sweet boy.

And one of may favorite pictures of the day.  He thought that it was funny that I was under him and we could see each other.

But it was fun.  He found a little girl and a little boy to play with at times and was pretty good about leaving.  Tomorrow is the first official day of Preschool for him.  I know that he is going to do great.

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